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Twin Wolves

This is a new campaign using 4e D&D Rules. The campaign world is a hodge-podge of Greyhawk and Aerth. The campaign got its start with an adventure from Dungeon Delve, and Goodman Games’ Dragora’s Dungeon, but the action ahead will involve a re-imagining of classic 1E adventures.

The party consists of 5 characters:

Grievous, a Dragonborn Fighter with a quick temper and strong will.

Soske, a Dragonborn Rogue. Silent and mysterious, he is the boon companion of Grievous.

Edwina, or “Ed,” a Half-Elven Warlock. Quirky, odd, but powerful user of Fey magic.

Sir Bertram of Cuthbert, a Human Paladin. Called “Bertie” by his comrades, he is just and skilled in battle.

Corwellyn Glitterglass, a Gnome Bard. Silver-tongued, quick-witted, and ever joking.

Home Page

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